The English Translation and Analysis of

Sharhu Miati Amil

Abdul Qahir Jurjani & Abdu-r-Rahman Jami

Translated by Majid Khan Malik Saddiqui





Arabic & English

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Sharha Miatu 'Amil is a course book currently taught in the second academic year of the Dars-e-Nizami curriculum. It was initially written by Irani, Shafi'i Scholar, 'Abdu-l-Qahir Jurjani (400-470 Hijri). Later, this book was extended by the prestigious, Persian Naqshbandi Shafi'i scholar, 'Abdu-r-Rahman Jami (820- 890 Hijri).

Sharha Miatu 'Amil deals with Classical Arabic relating to the 100 governors in the Arabic syntax. Having global acceptance for centuries, this classical text is still taught in Islamic Institutions worldwide, particularly in the Indian-Sub continent.

This book is the English translation and analysis of the book Sharha Miatu 'Amil. It is supported with extra grammatical notes, making it a practical and accessible book for Arabic students.

To support students further, it contains an insightful section for general reading, informing about respected authorities in Ahle-Sunnah wa-l-jamat, such as Imam Ahmad Rada Khan , 'Allamah 'Abdu-r-Rahman Jami, as well as respected sheikh Shaykh 'Allamah Pir Alaudin Siddiqi Sahib.

The General Reading section also clarifies essential concepts, such as the permissibility of celebrating Miladu-n-Nabi , and seeking help from other than Allah . Controversial topics are analysed, like the concept of a good innovation in Islam, ascribing Ya with the Messenger of Allah , as well as discussions on his Omnipresence and Nur.Altogether, As-Siddiqiyatu-l-Kamil provides all readers with comprehensive and accessible skills in Arabic Grammar, as well as information regarding mainstream, orthodox views on key Islamic topics.