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Under the guidance of Renowned Islamic Scholar and Profound leader of the Naqshbandī Sūfī Order Hadrat Allāmah Pīr Alāudīn Siddīqī Sahib (Rh)

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We, ourselves are obstacles in our own path, If we were to change we could change the world...
(Hadrat Pir Muhammad Alauddin Saddiqui Rh)

Noor Alam Publications Presents

Your Course Arabic Books are now Available in English Translation

The Tears,

The English Translation of


Mustafā Lutfī Al-Manfalūtī

Translated by Majid Khan Malik Saddiqui

£9.95 (Hardback), £7.99 (Paperback), £2.99 (eBook)

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Book 1
Book 1


The English Translation and Analysis of

Sharhu Miati Amil

Abdul Qahir Jurjani & Abdu-r-Rahman Jami

Translated by Majid Khan Malik Saddiqui


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